Ordinances & Resolutions



  1. Ordinance 2022-10A: Hancock County Stormwater Management
  2. Ordinance 2022-10G: Amend Weed Violations
  3. Ordinance 2022-10I: Amend Zoning Landscaping, Buffering and Screening Standards
  4. Ordinance 2022-11C: Amend Zoning Cluster Developments
  5. Ordinance 2022-11D: Amend Zoning Hood R2.5 to CR
  6. Ordinance 2022-11E: Amend Zoning Jackson CC to R1.0
  7. Ordinance 2022-11F: Amend Zoning Giles CN to R3.5
  8. Ordinance 2022-11G: Amend Zoning Bennett CN to R3.5
  9. Ordinance 2022-12B: Amend Zoning PUD
  10. Ordinance 2022-12C: Amend Zoning Fiano A to CC
  11. Ordinance 2022-12D: Amend Zoning Bundy Family Farms A to RR
  12. Ordinance 2022-12E: Zoning Replaces 1993-8F
  13. Ordinance 2022-12F: Amend Exterior Lighting Standards
  14. Ordinance 2022-4D: Amend Zoning Fugate A to RR
  15. Ordinance 2022-4E: Revising Accessory Use and Structure Standards
  16. Ordinance 2022-4F: Amending Chapter 155 of the Code of Ordinances
  17. Ordinance 2022-5B: Amend Zoning Bains Development IG to CR
  18. Ordinance 2022-7A: Amend Zoning McCarty IBP to IG
  19. Ordinance 2022-7B: Amend Zoning McCarty IBP to IG
  20. Ordinance 2022-7C: Amend Zoning Spiker CN to R1.0
  21. Ordinance 2022-7D: Amend Zoning RN Thompson Jr. and Assoc. A to IBP
  22. Ordinance 2022-7E: Amend Zoning Milestone Contractors A to IG
  23. Ordinance 2022-8A: Amending Zoning 2007-1B and Rescinding 1993-8F
  24. Ordinance 2022-8C: Amending Hancock Gateway Park HUD 2021-3E
  25. Ordinance 2022-8E: Amend Zoning Diversified Land Acquisition R2.5 to IBP
  26. Ordinance 2022-9C: Amend Zoning i3 Industrial A to IBP
  27. Ordinance 2022-9D: Amend Zoning i3 Industrial A to IBP
  28. Ordinance 2022-9E: Amend Zoning BDO IN to CN


  1. Ordinance 2020-10A: Establishing Project Lifesaver Fund 8956 (PDF)
  2. Ordinance 2020-10B: Amend Zoning (PDF)
  3. Ordinance 2020-10D: Amend Zoning Realife Church (5151 W US40) (PDF)
  4. Ordinance 2020-11A: Authorizing Veterans Burial Allowance (PDF)
  5. Ordinance 2020-11E: Amend Zoning Hills Over Sugar Creek (3582 S 400 W) (PDF)
  6. Ordinance 2020-11F: Amend Zoning Mohawk Trails (PDF)
  7. Ordinance 2020-11G: Amend Zoning Arrowhead Mobile (2851 S 450 W) (PDF)
  8. Ordinance 2020-12A: Establish Economic Development Corporation Grant Fund 8667 (PDF)
  9. Ordinance 2020-12B: Establish Arts, Cultural and Destination Marking Grant (PDF)
  10. Ordinance 2020-12C: Amend Zoning Transport Enterprise (4753 W 300 N) (PDF)
  11. Ordinance 2020-12D: Amend Zoning Limited Development (3804 S 700 W) (PDF)
  12. Ordinance 2020-12F: Regulating the Operation of Off-Road Vehicles (PDF)
  13. Ordinance 2020-2A: Amend Zoning ATMI (6100 W 350 N) (PDF)
  14. Ordinance 2020-2B: Vacating a Public Road or Alley (PDF)
  15. Ordinance 2020-2D: Amending 2007-1B Zoning Hargrove (7901 N 250 E) (PDF)
  16. Ordinance 2020-3A: Re-establishing Cumulative Bridge Fund (PDF)
  17. Ordinance 2020-3B: Re-establishing Cumulative Capital Fund (PDF)
  18. Ordinance 2020-6A: Establish Jail LIT Correctional Facility Sub Fund 1234 (PDF)
  19. Ordinance 2020-6B: Amend Zoning Ambrose (PDF)
  20. Ordinance 2020-6C: Amend Zoning Black Residence (218 E SR 234) (PDF)
  21. Ordinance 2020-6D: Amend Zoning Hedge (500 W 100 S) (PDF)
  22. Ordinance 2020-6E: Amend Firearms Discharge Ordinance 1977-7A (PDF)
  23. Ordinance 2020-6F: Amend Zoning Pavey (7987 N SR 9) (PDF)
  24. Ordinance 2020-7A: Amend Zoning Rutledge (200 W 100 S) (PDF)
  25. Ordinance 2020-7B: Amend Zoning Lauth (7408, 7366, 7324 W 350 N) (PDF)
  26. Ordinance 2020-7C: Dissolves the Exposition Complex Corporation (PDF)
  27. Ordinance 2020-8A: Vacate Easement (Lot 26 and 27 Sapphire Springs) (PDF)
  28. Ordinance 2020-8E: Amend Zoning Entrance Drive Standards (PDF)
  29. Ordinance 2020-9A: Establishing United Way Grant Fund 8954 (PDF)
  30. Ordinance 2020-9C: Establishing Cares Act COVID Relief Fund 8955 (PDF)
  31. Ordinance 2020-9D: Amended Community Corrections Fees (PDF)
  32. Resolution 2020-10-1: Redesign and Renovate Existing Jail (PDF)
  33. Resolution 2020-10-2: Provide Space for HC Prosecutors Office (PDF)
  34. Resolution 2020-1-1: Amend Drainage Erosion and Sediment Control Fees (PDF)
  35. Resolution 2020-11-4: BOC Intent to Build Sheriff's Administration Addition (PDF)
  36. Resolution 2020-12-11: Ratify Sale of HC Building Corporation (BANs) (PDF)
  37. Resolution 2020-12-12: Reappointment of EDC (PDF)
  38. Resolution 2020-12-2: CARES Act Reimbursement (PDF)
  39. Resolution 2020-12-3: Part-time Paid Time and Half for Holidays (PDF)
  40. Resolution 2020-1-4: Establishing Intent to Conduct Commissioners Sale (PDF)
  41. Resolution 2020-3-1: BOC Appointing Member to EDC (PDF)
  42. Resolution 2020-3-14: Amend Fee Schedules Building Department (PDF)
  43. Resolution 2020-5-1: Authorizing DOT Grant for Senior Services (PDF)
  44. Resolution 2020-5-6: BOC Approving Order of HC Area Plan Commission (PDF)
  45. Resolution 2020-7-7: Authorizing Phase 2 COVID Grant (PDF)
  46. Resolution 2020-8-4: Establish Margaret Wallace Impact Drainage Area (PDF)


  1. Ordinance 2019-10D: Amend Zoning Winding Oaks (1200 S 250 W) (PDF)
  2. Ordinance 2019-10E: Amend Zoning Sharrer (3337 W US40) (PDF)
  3. Ordinance 2019-10F: Amend Zoning Bed and Breakfast (PDF)
  4. Ordinance 2019-11A: Amend PUD (Planned Unit Development) (PDF)
  5. Ordinance 2019-11B: Amend Zoning Residential Architectural Standards (PDF)
  6. Ordinance 2019-12A: Amending Plan Commissioner Membership (PDF)
  7. Ordinance 2019-12D: Amending Zoning GDI Construction Corp (PDF)
  8. Ordinance 2019-1B: Establishing Fund for PSAP (PDF)
  9. Ordinance 2019-1C: Establishing Sub Fund MVH Restricted 1173 (PDF)
  10. Ordinance 2019-2A: Establishing the IPEP Grant Fund 8950 (PDF)
  11. Ordinance 2019-3A: Re-establishing Cumulative Capital Development Fund (PDF)
  12. Ordinance 2019-3B: Re-Establishing Cumulative Bridge Fund (PDF)
  13. Ordinance 2019-5A: Establishing Fortville Board of Zoning Appeals (PDF)
  14. Ordinance 2019-6A: Establishing Sheriffs Miscellaneous Donation Fund 4923 (PDF)
  15. Ordinance 2019-6B: Establishing Community Foundation Fund 8951 (PDF)
  16. Ordinance 2019-6E: Real Property Endorsement Fee (PDF)
  17. Ordinance 2019-6F: Amend Zoning Copperstone PUD (PDF)
  18. Ordinance 2019-6G: Amend PUD Hancock Gateway Park (PDF)
  19. Ordinance 2019-7C: Amend PUD Hancock Gateway Park (PDF)
  20. Ordinance 2019-9B: Amended Smoking Ordinance (PDF)
  21. Resolution 2019-10-1: Amendment Employee Handbook to Include At-Will Employment Provisions (PDF)
  22. Resolution 2019-2-1: Resolution of Need to Fund Construction of New Jail (PDF)
  23. Resolution 2019-5-5: Authorizing Senior Services to File Application to INDOT for Grant (PDF)
  24. Resolution 2019-6-1: Hancock County Building Corporation Lease (PDF)
  25. Resolution 2019-6-4: Designate Drainage, Erosion and Sediment Control Fees (PDF)
  26. Resolution 2019-7-1: Establishing Mount Comfort Corridor EDC Area (PDF)
  27. Resolution 2019-7-2: Hancock Hospital Planned Development-Primary Plat (PDF)
  28. Resolution 2019-8-10: BOC Approval Creation of New Mount Comfort Allocation Area 1 (PDF)