Court Information

The Hancock County Clerk's Office is Clerk to the Courts and this section of the website is designed to inform and assist citizens to access the judicial system. All citizens have the right to have access to the courts; however, self-representation is not to be taken lightly.

Neither the Hancock County Clerk nor staff may give legal opinion or advice; therefore, contacting an attorney may be best. It is recognized that some people involved in litigation would prefer to handle matters on their own, so this page is to assist in navigating the court system.

Please understand that court costs and fines, judgments, restitution and the like are ordered by the Judge on a case-by-case basis. Further, the Court not the Clerk establishes the Court Calendar; therefore, the Clerk's Office does not know when the Court will act in a matter.


There are filing fees that have been established by the law, please see the fee schedule for current filing fees. Moreover, the Clerk's Office charges $1 per page for copies and $1 per page for copies made from Microfilm. Further, if a copy is to be certified by Clerk, there is an extra $1 charge. HEA 1347, effective July 1, 2014, allows for additional certified mail fee for same defendant at more than one location.

The Hancock County Clerk's Office does not accept personal checks, debit cards, or credit cards for filing fees.

Please see the Fee Schedule (PDF).

Proposed Changes to Local Court Rules