Small Claims

Neither the Hancock County Clerk nor staff may give legal opinion or advice; therefore, contacting an attorney may be best. There is useful information contained at the following link regarding the Rules of Small Claims Courts in Indiana.  

In Hancock County, Small Claims cases are typically handled in Small Claims Court for disputes that are $10,000 maximum and have occurred within the last two years. Either party to a Small Claim has the right to be represented by an attorney or represent themselves.

In Indiana, the defendant may request a jury trial within ten days following service of complaint upon submitting an affidavit stating questions of fact that require a jury trial. Once requested, the case is transferred from small claims to formal court.

Small Claims Forms


  • To serve 1 Defendant: $97 by Certified Mail
  • To serve 1 Defendant: $125 by Sheriff
  • There is an additional $10 for per additional Defendant.

In the event that you are not receiving payments after a judgment is ordered, you may follow this link to access a Motion for Proceeding Supplemental (PDF) and file with the Clerk. This cannot be filed until 30 days after the judgment is ordered. The judge may then schedule an additional hearing.

Keep in mind per IC 32-29-1-1 Sec 1(a), a person or company who is the holder of a judgment is required by duty to satisfy and release the judgment defendant when the debt has been fully paid.