Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

CrimeWatch involves individual citizens working, to make our own homes and families less inviting targets for crime, and cooperating with law enforcement through block and neighborhood groups to control crime throughout our community. 

When citizens take positive steps to secure their own property and neighbors learn how to report suspicious activity around their homes, burglary and related offenses decrease dramatically.

It is a fact of life that relationships in many of today’s communities have become less personal than they were years ago. Families are more transient, children have more activities that take them and their parents away from home, and there are more families with both parents working. The once-familiar sight of families visiting with each other on front porches while keeping a watchful eye on children and activities in the neighborhood is a rarity in most communities today.

This trend away from personal contact in the neighborhood and the decrease in time families spend at home are two of the essential ingredients that make communities ripe for crimes of opportunity, such as burglary. 

Through NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Programs determined citizens are decreasing their chances of becoming victims. 

Your Neighborhood Watch coordinator is Lt. Donnie Munden with the Hancock County Sherriff’s Office. He will be your liaison between the Hancock County law enforcement and your CrimeWatch group. He will also help by presenting future CrimeWatch meetings on a variety of possible topics. 

CrimeWatch meeting topics include:

  • Target Hardening – making your property or neighborhood less appealing to criminals
  • Observations Skills
  • How To Report Suspicious Activity
  • Terrorist Awareness and Preparedness
  • Identity Theft & Internet Fraud
  • Parking Lot Safety
  • Travel Safety


Lt. Donnie Munden can be contacted at

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