Township Trustees and Board Members

Blue River

Brandon Jones (R)
3218 S Binford Rd
Greenfield, Indiana 46140
Phone: 317-502-6083

Board Members
Daniel R. Engleking (R)
John M GIlbert (R)
Katherine Riggs (R) 317-450-0082

Brown Township

Theresa Ebbert (R)
PO BOX 362
Shirley, IN 47384
Phone: 765-686-9240
Email Brown Township Trustee

Board Members
Mark Grass (R) 317-737-6460
Phyllis Collier-Vest (R) 765-737-6630
Terry Kemp (R) 765-781-6960

Center Township

Thomas Lopez (R)
210 W New Road
Suite A
Greenfield, IN 46140

Trustee Office
210 W New Road, Suite A
Greenfield, Indiana 46140
Phone: 317-477-1176

Monday through Thursday
9 am to Noon

9 to 11 am

Board Members
Guy Titus (R) 317-477-4370
Richard Bottorff (R) 317-435-7700
Fred Dunlevy (R) 317-625-3858

Jackson Township

Tarra Youngclaus
6379 E 300 N
Greenfield, Indiana 46140
Phone: 317-450-0081

Board Members
Robert W McDaniel (R)
Jason R Effing (R) 317-861-6148
Keith A Wilson (R) 317-748-2609

Vernon Township

Florence May
700 W Broadway St
Fortville, IN 46406
Phone: 317-966-6919
Email Vernon Township Trustee

Board Members
Marybeth Sears (R) 317-797-6456
Anthony W. Buechler (R) 317-201-2857
Timothy W. Plank (R) 317-919-0180


Kevin Bates (R)
1582 E Greyhawk Way
Greenfield, IN 46140
Phone: 317-847-9149
(Appointment Only)

Board Members
Cherie Burrow (R)
Marc Hill (R) 317-501-0841
Beth Ra-Scott (R) 

Buck Creek Township

Micki Simunek (R)
5809 Airport Boulevard
Greenfield, IN 46140
Phone: 317-335-1401
Email Buck Creek Township Trustee

Trustee Office
5809 Airport Boulevard
Phone: Greenfield, IN 46140

Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Board Members
Matthew D Kelly (R)
Robert Scott Whitehouse (R)
Erin Harsin-Jordan (R)

Green Township

Stephanie Jones (R)
2285 E 1000 N
Pendleton, IN 46064
Phone: 317-326-4182 Email Stephanie Jones

Board Members
Robert M. Yeager (R) 317-525-4909
Michael Maroska (R) 317-966-6795
William T Jones II (R) 317-710-2031

Sugar Creek Township

Jayson Combs (R)
4963 S 600 W
New Palestine, IN 46163
Phone: 317-223-3367

Board Members
Mark H. Mattes (R)

Marcia Parker (R)

Matthew Holland (R)
3861 S 450 W
New Palestine IN 46163

Township Trustee Functions

  • Performs the duties of Township Assessor, if agreed upon by the County Assessor
  • Additionally, manages Township property interests
  • Responsible for administering Poor Relief
  • Performs many other non-assessment related duties