Functions / Responsibilities

The office of treasurer is a constitutional office. The treasurer serves a four-year term with a two-term limit during any twelve year period. The County Treasurer is the custodian of all monies belonging to the county. Disbursements of monies with the proper orders issued and attested by the county auditor.

The responsibilities include:

  • Billing and the collection of property taxes (real estate-personal-mobile home)
  • Taxes involved in bankruptcy
  • Collection of inheritance tax, gross income tax, innkeepers tax
  • Issuance of tax clearances
  • Mobile homes and alcoholic beverage permits
  • Investment of funds
  • Conducts annual real estate tax sale
  • The collection of delinquent property taxes and taxes in judgment
  • Search for and collection of delinquent taxes of public employees

Online Tax Payments

Tax payments are available to be paid with a credit card or debit card online or in the office. Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express are accepted at 2.50% per transaction. There will be a $3.95 flat service charge added to all Visa personal debit card payments and a 2.50% service charge added to all other credit card payments E Checks will be charged $1.75. These fees are collected by Forte and not by the county.

  1. Go to the Tax Payment site Beacon.
  2. Search by name, address or parcel number.
  3. The next page that appears will be your information, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see Online Tax Payments, this is where you will start the process to pay your taxes.