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Functions of the Hancock County Highway Department:

  • Maintenance of highways, bridges, and culverts
  • Fixing load limits on highways, bridges, and culverts
  • Filing annual reports with the Board of County Commissioners

Duties of the County Highway Engineer & Superintendent

  • Supervision of design, construction, planning, traffic and other engineering functions relating primarily to roads and bridges within the county
  • Preparation of such surveys, estimates, plans and specifications as are required
  • Development of classification of the county highway system
  • Preparation of engineering estimates based on classification of the county highway system
  • Recommendation, based on engineering estimates, material and equipment needed in the annual budgeting of funds
  • Assure compliance with policies established by the Board of County Commissioners

Further Information

If you have further questions or need clarification on what has been presented here, please contact the Hancock County Highway Department at 317-477-1130.

We are open, but short staff in all operations. If you have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) and are looking for a solid job please stop by.

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