Public Health Nursing

The Hancock County Health Department provides nursing services that extend beyond childhood immunizations. They are as follows:

  • TB tests for children and adults. Please call our office for an appointment.
  • Prenatal vitamins are given to women based on need. Proof of pregnancy and an appointment are required.
  • Communicable Disease Investigation and Follow-up: We provide appropriate referrals and information regarding the disease.
  • Head Lice Treatment: Available through school nurse referral only.
  • Blood Pressure: Please call our office for an appointment to have your blood pressure checked.
  • Health Education Materials: Available in the Health Department and/or upon request.
  • Home Visits: With Physician referral only.
  • Lead Testing is available for children 1 to 4 years or older if a known lead hazard exists.
  • Adult Immunizations: Available with an appointment.

Call during office hours if you have further questions. Please call to schedule appointments for the above services.